In order to look, one has to start with a beginner’s mind, a mind that carries no preconceptions or presumptions. The beginner’s mind looks to find out what is new; it does not look to confirm. To look, we have to be ready to enter into the unknown. We have to be willing to throw away our armor of beliefs, knowledge, tradition, or whatever we cling to for comfort. We have to open up ourselves and be vulnerable.

The Zen Teachings of Jesus by Kenneth S. Leong.

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Beyond Calligraphy

One of the big success stories of international dance… a pacesetter with a difference - The New York Times

Awaken the lost memories deep in the soul
Let the forgotten experience be re-animated
Let the hues of ink gather your thoughts
Let the spirit of calligraphy flow in your body
Let your heart be shadeless and open to a bonundless horizon

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In Buddhist imagery, a grain as tiny as a seed can reveal all the wonders of the universe. Dance, a small spectrum of this universe like a small grain, may contain many interesting stories and facets, revealing a whole world to those who dare looking closely. The work is a game of physical interactions, gradually disclosing a world full of delicate, layered and ever changing connections and relationships through the dancers’ fluid and intriguing movements.